Citizens' Dialogue (CD)

The Citizens' Dialogue focuses on supporting local authorities in their efforts to develop systems and methods for citizen dialogue as part of the local governance process and in the development of local public services. Citizens' dialogue is seen as part of the governance process; as part of the information on which elected representative’s base their decisions. Through citizen dialogue, the values embraced by the citizens are combined with the factual information that the administration officers prepare.

The Dialogue would act as a bridge between various stakeholders and the government of India to address the issues that are affect the nation today. It also involves developing strategies for speedy implementation of the recommendations made by the Citizens' Dialogue.

The representatives attending the forum will be carefully chosen to make the discourse as inclusive as possible. The Citizens' Dialogue Committee is an Idea-based committee wherein the debate would revolve more around innovative ideas and action plans rather than problems and obstacles. The discussions at the forum should lead to conclusive decisions which the Government can act upon to combat the problems at hand.