The Citizen's Dialogue (CD) is a forum comprising of prominent and regular citizens aimed at creating a spirit of dialogue into the public. The Citizen Dialogue focuses on supporting local authorities in their efforts to develop systems and methods for citizen dialogue as part of the local governance process and in the development of local public services. Citizen dialogue is seen as part of the governance process; as part of the information on which elected representatives base their decisions. Through citizen dialogue, the values embraced by the citizens are combined with the factual information that the administration officers prepare.

Most of the time, the general public is left to the role of either become a spectator or are exposed to rhetoric for electoral purposes. The nuances of debates and the arguments consonant with the reality are important factors to keep in mind while talking about issues. While we can and must have ambitious goals, we must set the targets to be realistic. The CD is the place where one can argue with the goal of improvement and not focus on an agenda.

The way we ensure neutrality in CD is by making it only a space for open dialogue and debate- nothing more, nothing else. It needs to be noted that the committee does not have any authority whatsoever. It cannot legislate, protest, judge or interfere in policy making. What the CD serves as, is a platform for dissemination of information based on the sole principle that nothing is more important to a democracy than a well informed electorate.

The aim is rather to support representative democracy by creating transparency, improving people’s understanding of the system and developing a collaboration between those who govern and those who are governed.